2016  :  52 x 52cm  :  Cotton thread on cotton calico


A Half-Formed Thought explores the pleasurable and empowering nature of independent sexuality. Challenging the accepted notion that women are inferior unless in a relationship, or that being alone is an undesirable condition, it muses on the joy that can come from one-woman sexual adventures. The only person that a woman's sexuality and sexual empowerment is dependent on is herself.


Part of REMOH

REMOH is a project stemming from a lifelong interest in Ancient Greek mythology. Using the often overlooked female characters from these stories, new interpretations are put forward, pondering modern female identity, relationships and sexuality.

A Half-Formed Thought is inspired by the second rendition of Aphrodite: Aphrodite Pandemos. This is the more earthly, lusty and carnal of the two depictions of Aphrodite and is the one invoked and objectified by male artists and thinkers throughout history.