Biserka (1991) is a multidisciplinary artist from the UK. Her work centres around the shadow life; using influences such as dreams, magick and classical mythology she explores worlds that influence who we are in the real world but exist only within ourselves. Navigating often difficult spaces to explore individual and collective identity creation, she honestly addresses both the light and the shadow sides of who we are and how we become. As a result, her pieces are melancholic but hopeful, never resting purely on one side of the positive / negative divide. Rather than being a conscious choice, this reflects the complicated nature of life itself and our attempts to understand the experiences we all go through. Biserka’s work has been exhibited internationally and is held in private collections around the world.

Also, it's pronounced 'BIS-e-ka'. Just pretend the r is silent.


You can contact me at bisbiserka@gmail.com

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