2016:  52 x 52 cm:  Cotton thread on cotton calico


Consider the self: it is the focus of all our attention and the ego that stems from it can grow to be enormous. But whatever its size, the constituent parts are often delicate and vulnerable.

One of the tools we all seem to use to defend our sense of self is storytelling: we all construct a consistent, linear narrative of our lives that tries to make sense of events and to incorporate them into the stories of our life journeys. Even when our worlds are turned upside down, we all try to search for meaning, truths and lessons to take from these bad times to learn from, improve with, and incorporate into the narratives we construct about ourselves. 


Part of REMOH

REMOH is a project stemming from a lifelong interest in Ancient Greek mythology. Using the often overlooked female characters from these stories, new interpretations are put forward, pondering modern female identity, relationships and sexuality.

Bathtime Philosophy takes inspiration from Metis, the mother of Athena and embodiment of wisdom and deep thought.