Bis Stringer Horne
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Bis Stringer Horne is a freelance comic book editor & facilitator, with over a decade of experience working in comics.

Bis has worked across a wide range of roles within the comics industry; first as a creator in the UK small press scene and then as a longtime organiser of Thought Bubble Comic Art Festival. She has also worked in education and outreach, networking coordination, graphic design, translation, website design, social media management and as publisher of the (now archived) website Comics Explorer, providing advice and support to early career creators. Bis has a close relationship with comic book retailers and publishers through her work at Thought Bubble and as an editor. She has a wide knowledge of the retail market and commercial considerations within the industry. Bis’ breadth of experience, deep knowledge of the comics industry and longstanding commitment to supporting creators has provided a strong and unique foundation for her work as an editor, facilitating creators, publishers and fans alike. 

Bis has a special interest in creator support, in whatever capacity that entails; helping creators achieve their vision on individual projects and how those projects fit into a wider picture of career and personal development for the people she works with.

Bis has worked on comics published by Image Comics and comiXology. 

Bis is also an internationally exhibited artist, specialising in embroidery.

Available for:

 Editing services:

  • Comic book editing

  • Story consulting

  • Character development and diversification

  • Pitch development

  • Research

  • Prose editing


  • Career progression (planning and support)

  • Networking coordination and support

  • Website and online presence development

  • Outreach work and workshops

Bis has a particular interest in supporting artists, letterers, colourists etc. who want to make the transition into writing. Please get in touch if this is something you are interested in.