Let's eat

Let's Eat was a piece of cathartic & combative art created and documented entirely in one week and sold as part of Are You Still Nasty? for Nasty Women. 


From the start of the week:

'This week [I'm working] on something inspired by some really shitty people who came into / returned to my life ... The woman on the make up counter in Boots who thought my name was an invitation to be racist about Eastern Europeans. The #metoo campaign which made me realise the power of silence and shame someone still has on me. The abusive ex who decided to try and gaslight me again for old times' sake. The people who thought it'd be fun to be racist to my friend on the internet and my friend on the street.

I'm done with holding other people's shame inside myself. I'm done with being a victim and a survivor and a witness to this crap. And it's nice to see so many other people are too, I hope that momentum continues.

So this is 'LET'S EAT' - for all the racists, abusers, gaslighters, ableists, transphobes, homophobes, fatphobes, misogynists, prejudiced shitbags and general twats of the world. We are fucking fantastic. We will eat up you and your hatred and shit you out like the human turds you are. And we'll be fabulous while we do it 💩💜💩💜💩💜💩💜💩

I've given myself one week to finish this (fast considering my current piece has been going since July 😅) and I'll be sharing progress as I go. I've decided that at the end of that week, when I finish, I'm going to be fucking done with holding any of this crap close enough to touch me anymore. And I invite you guys to do the same if you'd like 😊 We're too fucking good and beautiful and wonderful and kind and we shine like stars too bright to let the darkness touch us. Anyway, I hope you like it. I'm making a playlist for it too (because music is powerful ✨) so please help add to it & send me your 'fuck you, I'm awesome!' songs 🤘🏽 
Much love pals xx'