2016:  60 x 84cm:  Cotton thread, felt, linen


For the 30th anniversary of the Leeds International Film Festival, LIFF and Leeds Inspired commissioned 4 artists to each create a poster to celebrate this year's festival.

Anniversaries are big opportunities not only to look back on past memories and triumphs but also to look forward to what's still to come. So I wanted to represent the past and future meeting at this 30th anniversary, which is represented by the light beam (like the ones that come out of the projectors in the cinema, which I enjoy watching as much as the films sometimes).

This was my only ever properly "planned" piece because of the nature of the commission and the required size of the poster, so the techniques I used were slightly different to my usual work. For this I created a paper template of the figures which was then cut out of felt and sewn onto a linen background. The threadwork details were then sewn freehand.


The poem is by Leeds poet Fred MG.