Near Death Diptych

The Near Death Diptych is a project about the complexity of suicidal ideation; about its negative but also its positive elements. How can an experience that is very close to life ending hold so many opportunities for growth and learning, and in some respects, even happiness?

It also explores the impact of chronic illness on mental health, the mess of thoughts and emotions that come from "recovering" from a suicidation episode, and how the journey back from suicidal ideation is not just undertaken by the person who went there, but by their loved ones too.

Suicidal ideation is a different experience for everyone. For some the negative feelings build up for a long time, for others it just hits them out of the blue one day, and the next they could be OK again. But it doesn't change the fact that this disturbing event has happened; and that the person who went through it is not the only one who needs to recover from it. Family and friends also need comfort and support when making the journey with their loved ones away from suicidal ideation and back to normal life.




cotton thread, blood and fire on cotton muslin, cotton calico and aida

2016  :  52 x 52cm




2016  :  52 x 52cm

cotton thread, blood and walnut ink on cotton muslin, cotton calico and aida