The Future Homemakers of America

2015 : 12 x 12cm each : Cotton thread on cotton calico


While usually treated as pests in a woman's (historically) domestic setting, insects are also a staple subject of modern embroidery, another part of the traditional realm of women. This dichotomy reflects that of women themselves; worshiped and reviled, loved and abused.

AS PART OF nasty women newcastle

A worldwide exhibition movement inspired by (in the words of Donald Trump) "Nasty Women" (as a concept, rather than a gender marker) everywhere. Nasty Women exhibitions profile work for Nasty Women to raise money for Nasty Women. Nasty Women Newcastle will be raising work from sales of art for LGBT campaign group The Fed & Byker Community Centre Women's Group.

at Byker Community Centre, Newcastle

7th - 23rd April 2017