2017  :   53.5 x 39.5 cm  :  cotton thread on cotton calico


'It doesn’t follow from the fact that there is scientific progress, that there is in the same sense technological progress. Scientific progress is about us coming to know more about the world; technological progress is about us being able to do more to the world. But just because we can do more to the world, it doesn’t necessarily mean that we ought to do more to the world... Barring certain extreme cases where questions of ethics arise, no-one can really complain … when scientists learn something they didn’t know before; but when a new technology is created it’s always an open question whether we should complain … sometimes we should and … sometimes it is essential … for us to do so.’

- rupert read, on wittgenstein and the illusion of progress


In ancient Greek mythology, the Muses were the patrons of knowledge, art and science. While the Sirens and the Muses played similar roles, the appearance of the Sirens in a story was never welcome, and their song brought death and destruction to those who heard it.